These artists fused lyrics, music, dance and introduced Lambada to the world. Their Lambada videos preceeded all other Lambada videos and movies.
Lambada Die ultimative chartshow ( RTL ) 1989
Kaoma & Avatar - Lambada Instructions & Isso E Bom (LD 3/11) Monica Nogueira
At the Palladium NY, NY. New Years Eve 1989 Live TV CBS
Audio - Sindiang - Fatou Fania Niang Lead Sings
En Vivo - Trellis Lighting
Tago Mago, On stage - venue unknown
King Beach, Blankenberge, Belgium - TagoMago song - Copy TV screen-YouTube
, Braz dance the first Lambada, Danca Elegante steps recorded.
Gabriella Turbiani
Lambada Dance Party intro from Lambada Dance Party ( 1 of 9) .
Kaoma Tago Mago HD FULL "1991 "
his students at the first Lambada Congress in Barcelona, Spain - 2004 - LAMBADA!
Chico Dances behind Loalwa, look for striped shirt 2009
Chico in striped shirt dances 2009
Chico e Roberta Frente a Frente - Super Clasifica Show
Musiclips - Features Didi, Rebeca, Fania, Mariley
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20 anos, Chico et Loalwa, Chico wedding photo, Roberta at Chicos wedding
Loalwa Braz 55.42 minutes of Lambada
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Lambawaltz? No! - Lambatango? No! - Lambarumba? No! - Lambatap? No! - Lambafoxtrot? No! - Lambavirginiareel? No? - Lambajitterbug? No! - Lambasamba? No! - It's
Lambada! If you don't like the dance invent a new dance and call it ZookySooky or Suckyducky or ZoopyDoopy. If your new dance is any good it should stand on it's own with
it's own name. NookyDooky, ZoukyLoopy, ZoukyDroopy! Be inventive, find a completely new name for your dance. The writer names the song, the musician names the
music, and the dancer names the dance. If the dancer finds a way to dance Lambada to Ave maria does he change the name of the dance? Hell no! He dances Lambada not
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